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Recent Grant Awards


AllOne Charities

For their programmatic partnership with NTIEC on Healthcare Careers for Disadvantaged Youth Initiative. -- $4,000


Bradford Wyoming County Literacy Program

For their Health Literacy for Adult Education Learners Program. -- $1,000


Wyoming County Cultural Center

For their collaboration project with Wyoming County CARES in treating substance use and mental disorders. -- $3,000


Ronald McDonald House

For their Family Room Program. -- $5,000


H.A.N.D.S. of Wyoming County

For their summer FANS Camp. -- $2,500


Wyoming County Human Services

Healthy Family Partnership's Car Seat Safety & Safe Sleep Initiatives -- $3,205


Equines for Freedom

-- $5,000

The WCCHF has awarded Equines for Freedom a $5,000 grant towards treatment to veterans who suffer from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Equines for Freedom provides treatment for PTSD free to current and former U.S. Service members, regardless of the source of trauma or their characterization of service. This therapy, EMDR, is a proven treatment for trauma and is approved by the SAMHSA and the APA as effective treatment for symptoms of acute and chronic PTSD. The grant received from the WCCHF will be used solely to treat veterans. Equines for Freedom’s goal is to treat 30 service members this year and help to reduce the number of suicides that the veteran community is experiencing.



H.A.N.D.S. of Wyoming County

-- $5,000

H.A.N.D.S. of Wyoming County received a $5,000 grant towards their Focused Activity and Nutrition Success Program (FANS).  

H.A.N.D.S. of Wyoming County annually provides a FANS program that focuses on cardiovascular health and wellness programming to special needs and at-risk children between the ages of 5 and 12. The camp provides an opportunity for children to participate with their peers in non-competitive sport activities, yoga, stretching, and strength building along with a nutrition program to promote a heart healthy lifestyle.  With the funding available from the Foundation, the FANS program was able to resume camp for the summer of 2017.


Healthcare Career Programs

NTIEC -- $5,000


Chair Yoga

Wyoming County Cultural Center at the Dietrich Theater -- $2,500


Shingles Vaccination Clinic

Tyler Memorial Hospital -- $4,676.36

The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation presented a $4,676.36 check to Tyler Memorial Hospital for conducting a Shingles vaccination clinic for Wyoming County residents that are uninsured or underinsured. Approximately 25 Shingles vaccinations were given to local residents at no cost during the one-day clinic.


Influenza Vaccinations

Tyler Memorial Hospital -- $983.41

A $983.41 check was presented to Tyler Memorial Hospital for Influenza Vaccinations for any uninsured and underinsured residents of Wyoming County. During the one-day clinic, more than 60 area residents were vaccinated.


Healthcare Career Programs

The Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium -- $5,000


Chair Yoga

Dietrich Theater -- $2,500

Chair Yoga is alive and well at the Dietrich Theater for 2016 thanks to generous funding from the Wyoming County Community Health Foundation.  Free classes are being offered on Mondays at 10:00 a.m. from 11:15 a.m. on an ongoing basis throughout the year at the Dietrich, led by Donna Fetzko, M.S, CNC, RYT.  Participants can register by calling 570-996-1500.

The Dietrich Theater has been providing health and wellness programs for more than twelve years.  The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation identifies, selects and invests in programs and organizations that will improve the health and wellness of people in Wyoming County, PA and surrounding communities. Both organizations have the same mission, making a perfect partnership, and providing support for the very popular Chair Yoga at the Dietrich Theater.

There has been so much research to validate the practice of yoga and so many have discovered that its benefits can be received from a chair pose.  Many do not feel comfortable or able to lie down on a mat to practice yoga, but Chair Yoga is gentler, yielding the same health benefits.  The classes at the Dietrich Theater have up to twenty participants and all are so pleased to have free classes continue.


Chair Yoga promotes overall health, strengthens the body, improves flexibility, increases energy and decreases stress.  One of the reasons Chair Yoga, or any yoga is so powerful, is that breathing techniques are taught.  Using the breathing techniques, not only during yoga, but throughout daily life, significantly enhances health and well-being.


Instructor Donna Fetzko is thrilled that so many in the Tunkhannock area have discovered Chair Yoga.  She invites all who have not tried it to come and see what it does for them.  Donna also teaches Simply Yoga at the Dietrich Theater, a practice with the same goals as Chair Yoga.  Simply Yoga classes are on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.  Registrations for all yoga classes can be made by calling 570-996-1500.


Health Care Careers for Area Youth

The Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium -- $13,500

This grant goes towards a health care career event for over 200 high school students from the three school districts in Wyoming County and the area Career Technology Center to put over 30 health care professionals face to face for career discussions with students. Grant also goes towards a week long summer health care career camp for up to fifteen students (ten minimum) who choose to get an in depth understanding of the healthcare field. The camp will include tours of health care delivery facilities and discussions with staff at those facilities. Additional opportunities will be provided for up to thirty area students (twenty minimum) to complete a hospital internship experience through NTIEC's Youth Apprenticeship Program and individual students who have an interest will be offered the opportunity to complete a one day job shadowing experience to confirm their career interest.


Influenza & Pneumonia Vaccination Clinic

Tyler Memorial Hospital -- $3,649.14

The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation presented a $3,649.14 check to Tyler Memorial Hospital for conducting an Influenza & Pneumonia vaccination clinic for Wyoming County residents. Approximately 91 influenza and 35 pneumonia vaccinations were given to local residents at no cost during the one-day clinic.


Focused Activity and Nutrition Success Program (FANS)

Helping Area Needs for Diverse Early Care and Education Services (HANDS) -- $6,700

The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation awarded H.A.N.D.S. (Helping Area Needs for Diverse Early Care and Education Services) of Wyoming County a $6,700 grant for their Focused Activity and Nutrition Success Program (FANS). Last summer, area youths had an opportunity to learn about good nutrition and exercise habits through the FANS camp program. The program's mission is to educate children on the value of exercise and healthy eating.


Peace Camp 2015

St. Peter's Episcopal Church -- $3,850.00

A an eager group of children began gathering into St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Tunkhannock for Peace Camp, a group aiming for exactly that purpose.

Kids always go to camps in the summer, Rod Gareda, the director of Interfaith Peace and Justice Commission in Wilkes-Barre said, but there's always a group who can't.

According to Rev. Lou Divis, the pastor of St. Peter's, the camp provides a low-cost opportunity to those who otherwise may not be able attend for income or transportation reasons.

Gareda has done this camp for 26 years, although this is only the second year at St. Peter's.

Anti-bullying techniques are another major focus of the camp, Gareda said.

No one can get away from bullying, he added, kids begin to understand what to do with a bully, and we build on that throughout the week.

According to Gareda, the goal is to encourage victims of negative peer pressure, who might get swept into bullying themselves, to resist that, and turn it into positive peer pressure.

Gareda is assisted in the program with volunteers from around the area, as well as former campers who have gone through the program elsewhere.

Campers have taken over the camp, he said they turned it into a mentoring.

Arisa Gareda, 21, director of the camp and Rod's daughter, started as a camper when she was around 7 and leads the counseling instruction.

We teach them conflict resolution she said, like a youth group of student leaders.


Campaign for Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen

Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen -- $20,000

The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation pledged $30,000 towards the Campaign for Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen. This pledge goes towards the purchase of a larger building for the soup kitchen to operate in.


Family Care Physician Recruitment

Wyoming County Community Alliance -- $100,000

The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation pledged $100,000 to the Wyoming County Community Alliance’s Family Care Physician Recruitment Initiative. The objectives of this initiative are to attract and retain family care physicians for Wyoming County to ensure continued access to quality health care in our rural community.  


Campaign for Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen

Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen -- $10,000

The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation pledged $30,000 towards the Campaign for Seven Loaves Soup Kitchen. This pledge goes towards the purchase of a larger building for the soup kitchen to operate in.


Rachel's Challenge Program

Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium(NTIEC) -- $15,000

The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation awarded the Northern Tier Industry & Education Consortium(NTIEC), $15,000 for the Rachel's Challenge Program. In doing so, the Rachel's Challenge Programs were held for Elk Lake, Wyalusing Valley, Mountain View, Montrose Area and Wellsboro students during the week of September 16th, 2013.

'Look for the best in others. Dream big. Choose positive influences. Speak with kindness. Start your own chain reaction.'These are the five challenges left by Rachel Joy Scott, the first homicide victim of the worst school shooting in United States History.

Presenter Jim Kennedy, a friend of the Scott family, shared Rachel’s writings and actions with junior and senior high students. In the afternoon, Kennedy was to conduct a training session for students who want to make a positive impact on their school and community.Students sighed, wiped away tears, and raised their hands in response to Kennedy’s promptings about prejudice and cruelty. Rachel Scott chose to eat her lunch outside on Apr. 20, 1999, the first warm spring day in Columbine, Colo. It was also Adolph Hitler’s birthday, and was therefore the day that two young men, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, chose to invade Columbine High School to kill students there. By the time the two shooters took their own lives in the school library, 13 were dead and many more wounded. Rachel’s brother was in the library during the shooting. He heard the first shots fired outside, unaware that those bullets had killed his own sister. The librarian called 911 and told the students to get under the tables and desks.

After Rachel’s death, her backpack was returned to her father, which contained the last of her six journals. The journal had a deep chunk missing from it on one side, which turned out to be a bullet hole. It serves as an exclamation point of sorts to a sentence on the cover: “I won’t be labeled as average.” In her journal, she writes about starting a chain reaction of kindness.

There was a slide showing an inscription Rachel had made on the back of her dresser. It showed tracings of her hands, and said, “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of hearts.”

After the high school program, two Elk Lake senior girls who had been enemies for some time rushed to tearfully embrace each other. They spoke to Kennedy and received permission to go to the training session that afternoon. Kennedy concluded his talk by asking students to speak to five people who have meant the most to them. “I want to thank you on behalf of Rachel’s family. Your hands are extensions of her hands,” Kennedy said.

More information is available on the website

Rachel's Challenge Program


Rachel's Challenge Program was held for area schools during the week of September 16th, 2013.

"The students benefitted from the positive message conveyed." -- Brian Mallery, Principal of Elk Lake School District

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